Is Homework Beneficial? – Top 3 Pros and Cons


Pro 1
Homework improves student achievement.
Studies show that homework improves student achievement in terms of improved grades, test results, and the likelihood to attend college.

Research published in the High School Journal indicates that students who spent between 31 and 90 minutes each day on homework “scored about 40 points higher on the SAT-Mathematics subtest than their peers, who reported spending no time on homework each day, on average.”

On both standardized tests and grades, students in classes that were assigned homework outperformed 69% of students who didn’t have homework. A majority of studies on homework’s impact – 64% in one meta-study and 72% in another – showed that take home assignments were effective at improving academic achievement.

Research by the Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA) concluded that increased homework led to better GPAs and higher probability of college attendance for high school boys. In fact, boys who attended college did more than three hours of additional homework per week in high school.

Con 1
Too much homework can be harmful.
A poll of high school students in California found that 59% thought they had too much homework. 82% of respondents said that they were “often or always stressed by schoolwork.”

Alfie Kohn, an education and parenting expert, said, “Kids should have a chance to just be kids and do things they enjoy, particularly after spending six hours a day in school. After all, we adults need time just to chill out; it’s absurd to insist that children must be engaged in constructive activities right up until their heads hit the pillow.”

High-achieving high school students say too much homework leads to sleep deprivation and other health problems such as headaches, exhaustion, weight loss, and stomach problems.

Excessive homework leads to cheating: 90% of middle school students and 67% of high school students admit to copying someone else’s homework, and 43% of college students engaged in “unauthorized collaboration” on out-of-class assignments. Even parents take shortcuts on homework: 43% of those surveyed admitted to having completed a child’s assignment for them.

Pro 2
Homework helps to reinforce learning and develop good study habits and life skills.
Everyone knows that practice makes perfect. Students typically retain only 50% of the information teachers provide in class, and they need to apply that information in order to truly learn it.

Homework helps students to develop key skills that they’ll use throughout their lives, such as accountability, autonomy, discipline, time management, self-direction, critical thinking, and independent problem-solving.

A study of elementary school students who were taught “strategies to organize and complete homework,” such as prioritizing homework activities, collecting study materials, note-taking, and following directions, showed increased grades and positive comments on report cards.

Research by the City University of New York noted that “students who engage in self-regulatory processes while completing homework,” such as goal-setting, time management, and remaining focused, “are generally more motivated and are higher achievers than those who do not use these processes.”

Con 2
Homework disadvantages low-income students.
41% of US kids live in low-income families, which are less likely to have access to the resources needed to complete homework, such as pens and paper, a computer, internet access, a quiet work space, and a parent at home to help. They are also more likely to have to work after school and on weekends, or look after younger siblings, leaving less time for homework.

A study by the Hispanic Heritage Foundation found that 96.5% of students across the country said they needed to use the internet for class assignments outside of school, and nearly half reported there had been times they were unable to complete their homework due to lack of access to the internet or a computer, sometimes resulting in lower grades.

Private tutoring is a more than $6 billion enterprise that further advantages students from wealthier families. A study published in the International Journal of Education and Social Science concluded that homework increases social inequality because it “potentially serves as a mechanism to further advantage those students who already experience some privilege in the school system while further disadvantaging those who may already be in a marginalized position.”

Pro 3
Homework allows parents to be involved with their child’s learning.
Thanks to take-home assignments, parents are able to track what their children are learning at school as well as their academic strengths and weaknesses.

Data from a nationwide sample of elementary school students show that parental involvement in homework can improve class performance, especially among economically disadvantaged African-American and Hispanic students.

Research from Johns Hopkins University found that an interactive homework process known as TIPS (Teachers Involve Parents in Schoolwork) improves student achievement: “Students in the TIPS group earned significantly higher report card grades after 18 weeks (1 TIPS assignment per week) than did non-TIPS students.”

Homework can also help clue parents in to the existence of any learning disabilities their children may have, allowing them to get help and adjust learning strategies as needed. Duke University professor Harris Cooper, PhD, noted, “Two parents once told me they refused to believe their child had a learning disability until homework revealed it to them.”

Con 3
There is a lack of evidence that homework helps younger children.
An article published in the Review of Educational Research reported that “in elementary school, homework had no association with achievement gains” when measured by standardized tests results or grades.

Fourth grade students who did no homework got roughly the same score on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) math exam as those who did 30 minutes of homework a night. Students who did 45 minutes or more of homework a night actually did worse.

Temple University professor Kathryn Hirsh-Pasek, PhD, says that homework is not the most effective tool for young learners to apply new information: “They’re learning way more important skills when they’re not doing their homework.”

An entire elementary school district in Florida enacted a policy that replaced traditional homework with 20 minutes of reading each night – and students get to pick their reading material. A study by the University of Michigan found that reading for pleasure – but not homework – was “strongly associated with higher scores on all achievement tests” for children up to 12 years old.

Discussion Questions – Things to Think About

  1. What rules would you set for homework if you were in charge? Would you set limits on how much was allowed, and would that vary by grade level? Would you make rules for what kind of assignments teachers could give?
  2. What other pros and cons can you list for homework? Which side has the best arguments?
  3. Should students be allowed to get help on their homework from parents or other people they know? Why or why not?


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    Coronavirus crisis will see short term pain but long term gain for mobile operators

    Coronavirus crisis will see short term pain but long term gain for mobile operators

    The past few weeks have seen every conceivable element of everyday life disrupted by the coronavirus and the measures enacted to contain its spread. The challenges to public health, the economy, and to society have been unprecedented.

    Schools, shops and offices have shut down, with thousands of jobs lost or furloughed. Friends and family are unable to visit each other, while the home has become the centre of education, entertainment and work.

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    5 Disney movies that desperately need a sequel on Disney Plus

    5 Disney movies that desperately need a sequel on Disney Plus

    Disney has an interesting relationship with movie sequels. While it often makes business sense for the company to pursue a follow-up film with the number ‘2’ in front of it, these titles have historically been seen as of secondary importance – often going straight to VHS, or DVD, whatever the ‘dump’ technology of that day might be.

    That means there are plenty of Disney fans who have yet to experience the sequel stories of Hercules, The Little Mermaid, or Cinderella’s Jack Jack (he falls in love!) – which we won’t accept in a time when the Disney Plus streaming service offers a way to simultaneously reach a massive global audience of Disney aficionados.

    Disney Plus is a slick portal for navigating decades worth of Disney movies and shows – not to mention Marvel TV shows and Star Wars films – and is the natural place to see some of our favorite Disney characters go through new trials and tribulations. (Happy endings don’t last in real life either, ok?)

    With that in mind, we’ve brought together five Disney movies that have yet to get a sequel, and are ripe for either a second feature film or tie-in series for the Disney Plus platform. 

    More than anything else, in a time of indoors-living, as more and more films are skipping cinemas and going straight-to-stream, these are the Disney films we wish we could watch back-to-back with a worthy sequel.

    Today’s best Disney+ deals

    1. Moana (2016)

    (Image credit: Disney)

    I am Moana. Thanks to Lin Manuel-Miranda’s heart-stirring lyrics, a gorgeously 3D-animated world, and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson playing a loveable (if selfish) scamp of a demigod, Moana is one of the best Disney movies of recent years.

    Disney is reportedly in talks to make a sequel, but with nothing confirmed, we’re still having to cross our fingers until Moana 2 gets the green light. What makes Moana so perfect for a sequel, though, is where the first film leaves off – with her island tribe travelling out across the water to search shores anew.

    There’s plenty of potential for ocean-driven narratives, whether that’s the trials of constant transit, the struggle to keep a sense of community on the seas, or possibly a search for the parents that abandoned Maui (Dwayne Johnson) in the first place. More songs from the creator of Hamilton are a necessity – and more gods and goddesses from Polynesian mythology wouldn’t go amiss either.

    2. Zootropolis (2016)

    A still from the movie Zootropolis

    (Image credit: Now TV)

    With Zootropolis releasing in the same year as Moana, this was the first time Walt Disney Animation Studios had put out two feature films in the same year since the release of Treasure Planet and Lilo & Stitch in 2002.

    Called Zootopia in the UK, this Disney movie imagines an animal society where prey and predator live peacefully side-by-side. Cheetahs and bison, lions and sheep, have put aside their ‘historical’ differences to create a working society – that is, until predators start going beserk and reverting to feral states. It’s up to a newly-minted police office – the first bunny to join the Zootropolis force – to figure out the mystery with the help of a suave conman fox.

    Despite touching on such heady topics as workplace discrimination, biological essentialism, and societal division, it’s still a breezy and enjoyable film – helped by brilliant animation and a cameo role by Shakira as a popstar gazelle.

    3. Tangled (2010)

    5 Disney movies that desperately need a sequel on Disney Plus

    (Image credit: Disney Plus)

    This 2020 Disney adventure reimagines the story of Rapunzel to great effect. The animation is excellent, despite it now being a decade old, with boundary-pushing CGI techniques bringing its world to life in vivid detail. It’s helped by some quirky touches, like Rapunzel’s chameleon companion – and the charmingly vain love interest, voiced by Shazam!’s Zachary Levi.

    It’s a lighter story then some of the more moving Disney films out there, with spontaneously singing taverns and thuggish twins toeing the line between cut-out stereotypes and loving tribute to the fairy tale tradition. As an exploration of gaslighting, though, it’s surprisingly progressive – and there’s plenty of stories to be told now that Rapunzel is truly free and out in the world.

    4. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

    5 Disney movies that desperately need a sequel on Disney Plus

    (Image credit: Disney)

    Yes, this is a Disney movie. The Nightmare Before Christmas is a stop-motion classic from Tim Burton, the quirky mind who brought us Beetlejuice and (more recently) the live-action Dumbo reboot. It follows a demotivated skeleton living in Halloween town, and trying to put excitement into affairs by… putting himself in charge of Christmas instead. Cue plenty of spooks and ghouls, unforgettable songs, and a kidnapping of Santa Claus himself.

    Is it a Christmas movie? A Halloween movie? The Nightmare Before Christmas has had us arguing the finer points of the two genres for decades now – but the main reason for a sequel is how the initial film hinted at several other worlds beyond its own, one for each major holiday. 

    If there was any way to get a St Patrick’s Day and Thanksgiving crossover movie, this would be the way to do it. Or maybe just more of Jack Skellington: at this point, we’ll take anything.

    5. Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

    5 Disney movies that desperately need a sequel on Disney Plus

    (Image credit: Disney Plus)

    Who can forget this movie? Blending live-action with 2D animation techniques, it did the unthinkable, showing off a wide cast of beloved Looney Tunes characters alongside real-life actors – including Back to the Future’s Christopher Lloyd – and pulling off the combination with aplomb

    It follows a private investigator, played by the late Bob Hoskins – yes, from that wonderfully bad Super Mario Bros. movie – looking into a murder in 1940s Brooklyn. Except, of course, that this version of Brooklyn is one where humans and cartoon characters (‘toons’) live side by side, like some kind of weird, cross-dimensional Zootropolis. 

    Who Framed Roger Rabbit is unnerving, heartwarming, and a visual delight – with some breathtakingly good twists – and over 20 years later, it’s overdue a follow-up.

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    Car hire tips in Santorini


    Car hire tips in Santorini

    Lots of companies provide services for car hire in Santorini at the port or at the airport. This has resulted in more car hire companies running in and around the airport. But only Santorini Rent A Car has the best special offers for costumers.

    Car Hire Santorini Planning

    Think about the size of the car you will need. An economy car is more affordable in terms of rental rates in addition to fuel expenses. A smaller vehicle will improve gas mileage. You might need a bigger car if you are taking a trip with your family or a bigger group. Otherwise, a compact is a good choice.

    Think about insurance coverage when you are preparing to rent a car. You might have protection with your car insurance coverage or credit card business.

    Book ahead of time for any Santorini car hire. You will pay more if you do not reserve in advance. In addition, your options may be limited. If you are taking a trip in the busy season, which is summer season, you may not get the vehicle you need. In the really busy weeks, you may not have the ability to get a car at all.

    To hire a car, you will need the appropriate documents. Numerous companies have a minimum age requirement for rentals.

    Examine the vehicle prior to you leave. Call these to the attention of the company’s agent. You do not desire to be blamed later for damage that was currently there when you picked up the vehicle.

    Comparing Companies for Santorini Car Hire

    The rates for the same car can differ significantly from business to business. Compare fundamental rates and the fees for bonus. Some use all inclusive rental plans, while others charge for extras. These extras can consist of insurance, mileage, the cost of extra chauffeurs, airport taxes and other fees.

    Learn what is included in the rate you are quoted. Have the clerk compute all expenditures at the time you are offered the quote if the business charges a basic rate with include on charges for bonus. This will offer you a more reliable comparison.

    Get the agreement in composing and be sure to get a verification number. You don’t wish to go through all the work of comparing rates only to wind up paying a greater rate later on. A quote in composing with a confirmation number for your booking will assist you prevent headaches later on.

    Compare the expense for picking the car at the airport or leasing in Fira or Oia. In most cases, there is no genuine distinction in expense. In other cases, you may save cash by employing a car in the city. The majority of business will supply transport to and from the airport. In general, it is cheaper if you pick up and drop off the car in the very same place, whether it’s in the city or at the airport.

    Compare daily and weekly rates with each business. The weekly rates are typically cheaper. It may still be less pricey to book the vehicle at the weekly rate if you are staying 5 days. You can still return the car earlier and save cash.

    Search for special offers for your car hire. You may get a discount rate on a car hire if you reserve your flight through a travel representative. Organizations such as AAA or travel clubs often offer discounted rates to members. Travel magazines often contain vouchers for rental charges. Discover and use any discount rate you can to conserve cash.

    Lots of companies use services for car hire in the capital city or at the airport. Think about insurance when you are planning a car hire. To work with a car, you will require the appropriate documentation. In other cases, you may conserve cash by hiring a car in the city. If you schedule your flight through a travel representative, you may get a discount on a car hire.

    The best Santorini car rental guide

    When they’re on getaway, the majority of people are interested in car leasing. What lots of travellers may not understand is that car rental in the United States, or North America in basic, is different than vehicle rentals in other countries like Greece.

    Car rental in the United States is typically really easy to do. The much better known, and maybe most safe, car leasing companies can easily be found in a phone book like your regional White or Yellow Pages. It’s even possible to find vehicle rental companies on the Internet. If you’re searching for a car leasing in Santorini, all you need to do is take the phone numbers you find online, and call each cars and truck rental firm. Request for the agency’s area, vehicle availability and partnerships with any hotels or airlines. Do not forget to inquire about any unique deals or rates, like group rates.

    A lot of American car leasing firms provide pick-up at no extra expense, even if just a couple of market this function. If an car rental company doesn’t provide pick-up, then ask if the firm will reimburse the cost of cab fare.

    And don’t feel like you have to buy extra vehicle insurance from an American vehicle rental firm. If you don’t have vehicle insurance under your name, it’s an excellent concept to accept the offer of vehicle rental insurance coverage from the firm.

    In the United States, you’ll need to be a minimum of 25-years-old to be able to get a cars and truck from a car rental firm. Some will give you a vehicle rental if you’re younger, however you’ll need to pay a much higher expense.

    The procedure for car rentals in other nations like Europe is usually a bit different than in the United States. Naturally, for Santorini car leasing you won’t be able to search in your local Yellow Pages phone-book. But you need to be able to collect all the info you require for organizing a foreign vehicle leasing on the Internet.

    European or other foreign cars leasing are typically much smaller sized than American car rentals. The minimum age for car rentals in European countries is likewise 25, however this age differs between car rental companies and countries.

    See more about car rentals in Santorini:

    What makes Santorini red wine taste so excellent?


    If it’s not quickly evident what a German Riesling, a Greek island white, a Chilean red, and a Sicilian pour from the inclines of Mount Etna share… A Toronto-based wine pro more than happy to connect the dots in his acclaimed new book. Visit Santorini and book Santorini private tours and taste the most famous wines worldwide!

    In January, master sommelier John Szabo won the André Simon honour, in the classification of beverages, for his book “Volcanic Wines: Salt, Grit as well as Power.” The handsome quantity faced stiff competitors at the yearly event. It was held in London, named for the French-born wine seller, author and taste maker André Louis Simon. It’s simple to see what mesmerized the judges. Guide provides a scholarly yet extremely readable work based upon an engaging organizing concept. Red wines hailing from places shaped by volcanic activity.

    Szabo, the initial Canadian to make the desirable difference of master sommelier in 2004, has actually been thinking of this classification for some time. Five years back, estimated in Wine & Spirits publication, he talked about a head-turning initial encounter with the unique glass of wines of Santorini. That led him to check out around the world crafted from volcanic landscapes.

    Wine tasting experience in Santorini

    In his book, he keeps in mind that there are hundreds of various soil types suitable the “volcanic” descriptor. He’s speaking about dirt, and the geology under, developed by tectonics and volcanism of the ancient past along with the energetic present. While it’s simple to consider Sicily’s Mount Etna, still active, as fitting the category. It’s less instinctive to relate to Germany’s Nahe developed by volcanic flows from regarding 300 million years earlier in this way. Area by area, the writer takes the visitor on a world trip, explaining how these particular dirts contribute to quality wine.

    Normally, a red wine’s terroir, the totality of its expanding environment, has to do with more than the dirt and bedrock beneath a vineyard. Szabo is quick to explain it as a complicated system.

    Variables composing terroir include:

    • environment
    • topography
    • microbial input
    • human hand

    He also recognizes that the scientific research connecting elements of terroir with wine taste is still in its infancy. The volcanic white wines all over the world share a number of sensory characteristics. These include a mouthwatering high quality, a salty-savoury account frequently referred to as minerality. Also a “company however transparent” density that he considers unmistakable. He welcomes enthusiasts to experience these high qualities by dipping into his listing of advised producers at the end of each chapter.

    Because most of the bottles he states stand for single-vineyard and various other higher-tier glass of wines. A budget-conscious lover might wonder whether his set of taste characteristics appear in these winemakers’ more modestly valued pours. Examples do not dissatisfy. Each opens up a door to further consideration concerning exactly how volcanic activity, both previous and also present, has actually concerned shape what’s in the glass.

    Gaia “Wild FermentSantorini Assyrtiko 2015 Earthy as well as poignant on the nose, this distinct white from the Greek island of Santorini is fermented with indigenous yeast found on the grapes. In the mouth, salty-savoury and also mineral notes dominate, with ripe fruit under.

    Undersea wine ageing experiments of Santorini shore

    Imagine a metal cage filled with bottles of white wine, with two buoys attached, being delicately hauled by a watercraft off the southeastern coastline of Santorini. Then, it is gradually decreased to the seabed. And also there it continues to be, at a deepness of 25 meters, for 5 years, a momentary tourist attraction for the animals of the deep.

    Among the divers managing the procedure is Yiannis Paraskevopoulos, oenologist as well as doctor of oenology at the University of Bordeaux II. He is also one of the owners of Gaia Wines, in addition to Leon Karatsalos.

    When we asked him why an effective winery with excellent sales and international awards determined to embark on such an aquatic experience, he stated: “It’s not an experience, it’s a challenge, and also part of a broader global experiment right into ageing gewurztraminers, which in Greece is being performed with Santorini’s Assyrtiko.” However why undersea? “Because there the ageing happens without oxygen and light, with a constant temperature for as long as is needed,” he replies.

    Generally, excellent ideas do not originate from nowhere. It has not been that time out of mind oenologists began searching for an alternative means of ageing wine without oxygen interfering at the same time. There are currently 10 wineries worldwide trying out undersea a glass of wine ageing. One in South Carolina, et cetera in Spain, Italy, France and Greece.

    2 years earlier, the famous French vineyard Veuve Clicquot created its “Cellar Under the Sea“. It sunk 300 regular bottles of champagne and 50 magnums of the stuff in the icy waters of the Baltic. A similar example is being aged in the storages of the winery in Reims. Bottles from both the cellars and the seabed will certainly be examined in parallel every two years for the following 50 years. This is to establish the life time of sparkling wine aged in various problems.

    When did Santorini’s idea for sea ageing emerge?

    The idea for the experiment emerged a couple of years ago after the exploration of a shipwreck that sank off the coast of Finland in around 1840. While moving Veuve Clicquot champagne to Russia. A complete 46 bottles were recovered intact, and though they were aged for more than a century, they had an impressive quality, according to specialists.

    But it appears the sea is not the limit. In 2015 the Suntory Yamazaki Distillery in Japan revealed strategies to send out containers of whisky into room. To carry out a two-year research study on exactly how ageing is impacted by the overall lack of gravity.

    A quick search on the web exposes numerous posts connecting to the problem old alcoholic beverages in the lack of oxygen. There are naturally sceptics that question whether the experiment is an attention feat without compound.

    ” This is not concerning advertising and marketing,” said Yiannis Paraskevopoulos when we began talking about Thalassitis Submerged, as the traditional Gaia Thalassitis aged in the sea is called.

    Book a Santorini wine tasting tour!

    His own final thoughts after contrasting the Thalassitis Submerged with the same wine aged traditionally is really positive. Although this is an aged white, it has a brilliant, vivid shade and also keeps its crisp aroma. The taste is also elder and rounded than its land-aged counterpart and with no trace of oxidation.

    In a meeting, Jim “Bear” Dyke Jr, the president of California’s Mira Winery, which immerses white wines in Charleston Harbor, South Carolina, said: “There is no doubt that the sea holds a possible present to white wine.”

    During the initial year of the Greek experiment, in 2009, 500 containers of Thalassitis immersed. Only 3 of those did efficiently recuperate since a storm swept away the cage. They put the following harvest at a deeper factor, so it would certainly be much less revealed to the climate. When visiting Santorini take a wine and local food daily tour!

    However, due to the increased pressure, numerous corks popped out. In August they recuperated the batch sunk in 2011, of which 211 bottles took place sale. At the same time, they immersed the set for 2015, which they will certainly examine in 2020. Therefore the experiment continues.

    Read more about Santorini Tours:

    What men thinking after one night stand


    If you have actually ever before had an one-night stand, examined at the person, as well as wondered what he was believing, today is your fortunate day. To be fair, not all people assume the exact same specific point after getting it on with somebody we just met, however below are a dozen approximately things that can be going through our heads after connecting.

    A casual sex resembles a trip. It can be extremely healing to be intimate with a person that exists outside the frameworks of our normal lives. It’s a wonderful method to get out of the bubble for a moment and play. One-night stands aren’t for everyone, clearly, but also for some individuals, the experience can supply a method to experience both physical pleasure and also sex-related expression without added obligations that a relationship outside of the bed room could call for a call girl. It’s also crucial to remember that a good one-night stand might imply something different relying on who you’re with.

    1. “Nice!”.

    This might seem a little rude, but sex can be life-affirming. Excellent or negative, it’s constantly wonderful to obtain some, as well as a minimum of in the minutes promptly after, the majority of men will be instead pleased with ourselves. If it helps, part of our enjoyment is that we’re flattered that of you girls selected to have sex with us when you can have gone home with a few other individual or done anything else with your evening.

    2. “As well as this woman’s name is …?”.

    Sorry, but some of us are simply bad with names. It’s nothing personal, it’s simply that there typically aren’t a great deal of meaningful ideas running through our heads throughout sex. When it mores than, it’s tough to circle back about and also keep in mind the name of somebody we just met that evening. Plus, if there was any type of alcohol eaten between the moment we satisfied and also when we had sex, remembering your name is going to be that a lot more difficult. We’re nearly particular women forget names sometimes as well … possibly.

    3. “I have actually done much better.”.

    Once again, this sounds a little bit crass, but at the very least we’re only thinking this as well as not saying it aloud. When the preliminary adventure of making love begins to wear off, it’s hard not to compare the experience as well as the girl to previous enthusiasts, or a minimum of one of the most recent. Sorry, ladies, but odds are you’re not the most effective enthusiast we have actually ever had. That does not indicate we’re not thankful for the experience. Plus, you’ve most likely done far better as well, so we’re awesome, appropriate?

    4. “What was I thinking?”.

    Yes, individuals will occasionally be sorry for one-night stands also. It’s rare, yet men are in some cases in a rough area emotionally and also want to have some enjoyable without considering how it’s going to really feel afterward. If you get this vibe from one of us, remember that it’s not concerning you, it has to do with us.

    5. “I wish she’s on the tablet.”.

    You’re not the only one who starts bothering with the effects of sex once it’s over. I’m not stating this is a substantial worry for the majority of men during every one-night stand. However several of us will start to consider STDs, maternity, and that type of point, ya know, once it’s far too late to place on a condom. It’s the idea that counts, right?

    6. “I ask yourself how usually she does this?”.

    Undoubtedly, we know how many one-night stands we’ve had, however we might also be questioning exactly how often you take strangers residence. Even if we don’t ask this concern, which is feasible, probabilities are we’re thinking of it. Do not worry, we’re not evaluating you and we don’t assume you’re slutty or anything, we’re just a little interested is all.

    7. “I would not mind doing that once more.”.

    If the sex was really good– like actually excellent– a person will certainly start considering attempting to copulate you once again. In some cases, Round 2 could take place a couple of mins later. On other occasions, we might actually take into consideration asking you out on an appropriate day. This particular thought possibly isn’t one of the most usual one for a man to have after a casual sex, however with the best individual, it does strike us every now and then.

    8. “Why did she/I invest the night?”.

    If we in some way go to sleep as well as awaken when the sun is out, this is most likely the initial thought we’ll have. Right after sex, spending the evening can appear like an excellent suggestion. However when the sunlight comes up, there’s a great chance things will obtain awkward. Also we’ll be hating ourselves for spending the evening or letting you spend the evening. Once again, attempt not to take this personally.

    9. “I wish she doesn’t assume this is going anywhere.”.

    In protection of my gender, this isn’t something all people will certainly assume after an one-night stand. However I would certainly be existing if I didn’t admit that a (reduced) course of males exists that stay in continuous fear of a woman catching feelings and also attempting to turn a casual sex into something more. Once again, not all guys are like this, yet simply in instance, it’s usually great to maintain expectations at a minimum following a casual sex.

    10. “I question if she’ll inform her buddies regarding …”.

    You may not know this, however people can be troubled often as well. We also understand that you women like to gossip. It’s feasible that after an one-night stand we’re fretted that you’ll inform your close friends everything about our apartment, our efficiency in bed, the dimension of our penis, or any kind of various other notable observations you made. I suggest, whatever happened to some points staying between us. Not amazing, ladies, not cool.

    11. “This could have been a blunder.”.

    Again, this will certainly be an unusual idea, yet some men simply aren’t developed to have one-night stands. If we wind up giving it a try, there’s an opportunity we’ll wind up regretting it afterward. Once more, this is no representation on you also if it seems like it is.

    See more about one night stand :


    The cheapest Nintendo Switch bundle deals and prices in the December sales 2019

    The cheapest Nintendo Switch bundle deals and prices in the December sales 2019

    ‘Tis the season for cheap Nintendo Switch bundles, as retailers discount their handheld console hybrids and package them with must-have games ahead of the holiday season. Last year, the Nintendo Switch cleaned up Christmas and this year looks set to be no different, with great Nintendo Switch deals and prices across the board. We’ve strolled through the virtual aisles of all your favorite retailers to bring you the very best cheap Nintendo Switch bundles. 

    Most of the best offers nowadays are bundling the latest version of the console with critically-acclaimed titles, cash-saving memory cards, accessory packs, and memberships. We’re here to help find the best ones for you – the bundles that represent the highest value for money.

    The new version of the console has an improved battery (more on that below) and there’s now another option with the release of the Nintendo Switch Lite. This cheaper model doesn’t come with a dock or removable controllers and can only be played in handheld mode but offers a considerable chunk off the price tag. We’ll show you where to get your Nintendo Switch Lite orders below too.

    The updated version of the original Nintendo Switch is now being rolled out with an improved battery. That’s the only change, but prices are generally the same as the older model. The old version model number was HAC-001 and the box featured a lifestyle image with a hand grabbing the console. While the new model number is HAC-001(-01) and the box has an all-red background and no hand.

    We’re listing all of the best Nintendo Switch sales right here and we’re always on the lookout for the best bundles with extra games, controllers and other accessories so we can share them with you while they’re hot. Scroll past the bundles on this page and we’ll show you prices on extra Joy-Con and Pro controllers and Nintendo Switch memory cards too. If you want to play online multiplayer and get other benefits like free games you’ll want to pick up a Nintendo Switch Online subscription deal.

    If you’re looking for another dose of Nintendo’s handheld happiness then maybe you want to consider a cheap 3DS deal. We also have a dedicated page of Nintendo Switch prices for our Australian readers.

    (Image credit: Nintendo)

    Nintendo Switch Lite

    The Nintendo Switch Lite was recently released at just $199.99/£199.99. That’s $100/£80 less than the original Switch console. If you want to play games on the TV as well, you should go for the standard Nintendo Switch instead as the Lite is only playable in handheld mode.

    The Nintendo Switch Lite comes in multiple colour options. You can pick one up now in turquoise, gray and yellow. There will also be a special edition Zacian & Zamazenta Edition released on November 8 to celebrate the release of Pokémon Sword and Shield. It doesn’t come with the game, but doesn’t cost anything extra either. If you want to learn more about the console and see prices for every individual color and bundle, check out our Nintendo Switch Lite prices and deals guide.

    The latest cheap Nintendo Switch deals

    Want to know where to buy a Nintendo Switch? Check out our comparison charts and the latest bundle highlights with extra games and accessories below for the best deals. On its own, the MSRP/RRP Nintendo Switch price is $299 in the USA and £279 in the UK, so you don’t want to pay more than that unless you’re getting some extras.

    Nintendo Switch bundles (USA)

    We’ve highlighted our picks of the best and cheapest Nintendo Switch bundles below. Just be aware that many game bundles at quieter times of the year don’t really offer much of a discount over buying the items separately. We’ll steer you clear of console bundles that actively charge you more than the regular combined MSRP (not cool, guys!).

    The cheapest Nintendo Switch bundle deals and prices in the December sales 2019

    Mario Red Nintendo Switch| carry case | $20 credit | $299 at Walmart
    Given other stores are charging $299 for the basic Switch console on its own, we’re loving the extra value here thanks to the extras and those oh so elusive Mario Red Joy-Cons in this Walmart-exclusive deal. If you want to stand out with a rare set of Switch controllers, this is a sweet bundle. Stock is severely limited though.
    View Deal

    The cheapest Nintendo Switch bundle deals and prices in the December sales 2019

    Nintendo Switch + 128GB microSD card | $324.49 at Amazon
    Amazon wants to give you a boost for your gaming this Cyber Monday. It’s including a 128GB microSD card with the Nintendo Switch, so you can start building up your game library with plenty of room to store different games right on your Switch.
    View Deal

    The cheapest Nintendo Switch bundle deals and prices in the December sales 2019

    Nintendo Switch: $299 at Walmart
    With all the bundles offering more at this price, we’d suggest you go steer clear of picking up the console by itself. That said if you’re just after the Nintendo Switch on its own, this is the best price going. Prices have shot up elsewhere as stock dries up, so don’t pay more than this. This is the newer model with improved battery life. The red/blue model is the same price.
    View Deal

    The cheapest Nintendo Switch bundle deals and prices in the December sales 2019

    Nintendo Switch Lite | $199.96 at Walmart
    Decent prices on the Nintendo Switch Lite are increasingly hard to come by now. If you just want to make sure you get one before stock starts getting low closer to Christmas, then you can order one at the base price from Walmart. No stores are offering actual discounts today though as things stand.
    View Deal

    Nintendo Switch bundles (UK)

    The UK scene for discounted Nintendo Switch deals is quite competitive thanks to the large number of retailers trying to get your business. We usually find a strong selection of bundles every week nowadays, even in those quieter times of year not particularly known for sales. So take a look below for discounts on packages with games, hardware and accessories.

    The cheapest Nintendo Switch bundle deals and prices in the December sales 2019

    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe game for Nintendo Switch | £36.99 at Currys
    If you missed out on the Mario Kart 8 bundle kicking around in the recent sales, you’ll want to pick up this must-have racer for a great price at Currys. It feels like the system was made for games like this, and it’s a perfect multiplayer for the holiday season.

    The cheapest Nintendo Switch bundle deals and prices in the December sales 2019

    Pokemon Sword game for Nintendo Switch | £39.99 at Currys
    This is a £10 on the RRP of Pokemon Sword, and though you’re paying a little more than other titles on sale right now, you’re getting a red hot recent release for your cash. You can also pick up Pokemon Shield for the same price.
     View Deal

    The cheapest Nintendo Switch bundle deals and prices in the December sales 2019

    Luigi’s Mansion 3 game for Nintendo Switch | £36.99 at Currys
    An spooky action adventure game featuring the Mario gang, Luigi’s Mansion 3 is a great family multiplayer option in these Nintendo Switch sales. Plus, at £36.99 you’re getting it for a great price considering it’s a fairly new game.
    View Deal

    The cheapest Nintendo Switch bundle deals and prices in the December sales 2019

    FIFA 20 game for Nintendo Switch | £29.99 at Currys
    FIFA 20 has seen some price drops in the run up to Christmas, so we’re excited to see stock sticking around for this £29.99 deal at Currys. A great game to pick up for football fans, or those looking to take their FIFA experience on the road for the first time.
    View Deal

    The cheapest Nintendo Switch bundle deals and prices in the December sales 2019

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild game for Nintendo Switch | £43.99 at Currys
    This is another £60 game available for less this week. It’s not just another Switch release, however. Breath of the Wild has been hailed as the best game on the console, so if you’ve got a Switch under the tree this year, you’ll want to pick up this game.

    The cheapest Nintendo Switch bundle deals and prices in the December sales 2019

    Edge magazine subscription deals start at just £15
    Need help deciding what to play on your new Switch? Edge magazine has reviews and previews of all the latest games, as well as news and insight from across the industry. As one of the oldest and most trusted in the business, Edge has got you covered. Subscribe now from just £15.
    View Deal

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    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’s intro crawl makes sense if… you play Fortnite

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker's intro crawl makes sense if... you play Fortnite

    **Mild spoilers for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker are contained in this post – read on at your peril if you haven’t seen the movie yet!**

    Whether you loved Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker or hated it, there were undeniably a few strange choices made in its development – and the new film’s link to Fortnite is perhaps the most baffling of all.

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    6 ways to unclogged your kitchen sink


    There I was, minding my very own organisation, cleaning the dishes after dinner like I always do. Simply moments right into rubbing and also rinsing the fry pan, I saw that the water wasn’t draining pipes from the sink. I inspected to see if anything was blocking the drainpipe opening. I activated the garbage disposal, however that was just a short-lived repair. As I proceeded washing dishes, the drainage was just obtaining slower. With a stopped up sink on my hands, my after-dinner clean-up was about to obtain even more intense.

    Do not call the (antlisi udaton) plumber yet! There’s a possibility you can repair the problem yourself with one of these 6 techniques to unblock a kitchen sink:

    1. Boiling water

    This is the easiest and least costly service of all, which makes it the most effective one to try initially. Area a pot or pot of water on the oven as well as offer a rolling boil. While you’re awaiting the water to heat, remove as much standing water from the sink as you can, using a mug or small pot to release the water. Then, pour the whole pot of water into the sink and also wait. If the water stands in the sink and also the blockage does not relocate, provide the water time to cool down and remove it to attempt again. You might require to repeat the process several times to relocate the clog, but this often services many kinds of blockage.

    2. Disposal

    Examine to see to it it’s not your garbage disposal that’s creating the trouble. A stopped up disposal can clog the drainpipe, so run the disposal to see if that removes the obstruction. Then evaluate it to see to it it’s running properly. If the disposal has actually overheated, you might require to turn the button found on the side or base of the unit underneath the sink.

    3. Salt with boiling water

    After eliminating standing water from the sink, put about 1/2 cup of table salt down the drain prior to you pour in the boiling water. Let it sit for a few minutes, and afterwards flush with warm water to clear the blend.

    4. Vinegar and baking soft drink

    Once more, remove standing water first. Put about a mug or so of cooking soft drink right into the drainpipe, followed by an equal quantity of white or apple cider vinegar. The option will bubble, but when they diminish, place the stopper in and also wait regarding 15 mins. Next, run hot water to see if the obstruction removes. Repeat if required.

    5. Baking soda and salt

    This is another mix that can work on sink clogs. Mix concerning a cup of cooking soft drink with a half-cup of salt, and also pour down the drain. Let the combination sit for numerous hrs, after that flush with boiling water. You can repeat this process if it doesn’t function the very first time.

    6. Plunger

    If these mixes aren’t successful in unclogging your sink, reach for a common house plunger. If you have a double sink, first seal the 2nd side with a wet towel or a stopper. You’ll need to produce a limited seal around the plunger, so fill up the side of the sink you mean to plunge with sufficient water to cover the bell of the plunger. Location the plunger firmly over the drain and plunge intensely a number of times. When you listen to the suction clear the clog, remove the plunger and purge the drain well with cozy water.

    See more about plumbers:

    Ways to style your cardigan


    The modest cardigan is among the most flexible items of style(gynaikeia rouxa) in your wardrobe. From summertime to wintertime, it can change your clothing, no matter where you’re going. As one of one of the most classic layers, there are many methods you can use it. Stars and models all enjoy this knitwear. Bellows is exactly how you can put on a cardigan sweatshirt like a road style celebrity.


    There’s no far better way to clothe casual than in a pair of jeans and also a cute top. To tie the look together, add a cardigan that hits your hips or rests just below. This keeps the appearance interesting and also adds an extra layer to the total set. Choose a monochrome palette, or attract attention from the rest in a chunky weaved in a bold colour. An easy method to make it look glam is by shaking one shoulder bare or putting on a plant top beneath.




    For semi-formal occasion, a cardigan is an easy means to go from day into the evening. If you’re stepping out from the workplace, pick a pencil skirt as well as slim-line top, add a cropped jacket, and you’re set. For a company event, go with a pair of high waisted palazzo trousers in a colour like sand or cream with a button-down.

    Business Casual

    Take it from the coffee shop to the office in a charming cardigan. Maintain it straightforward with a set of black trousers and a t shirt, or switch out job pants for pants and you can swiftly head out for drinks later. Rather than the typical work bases, why not try a long pleated skirt, and cinch your waistline in with a slim belt? There are so many methods to wear this search for work, and also you can try a various clothing every day with the very same knitwear as well as appear like you await a promo.



    Whether you’re going to a wedding or you’re mosting likely to the opera, a cardigan is a very easy means to tie an outfit with each other. From a bolero-style to a lengthy duster, this outerwear is a perfect way to maintain warm during the chillier months. Include a stylish feeling with a monochrome look, or go wild in knitwear with oversized sleeves. This is also a fast and elegant way to turn semi-formal clothing into something fit for an elegant event.

    See more about women fashion: